Thursday, June 25, 2020

C3B Games

About Us

We are a family of 3 teenagers (plus Mom and Dad) that over the past 2 summers have completed a family project to make and publish a video game each summer. The two games we have published are Echotations and DreamDasher (see links to the games below). These games are completely free, with no ads, and with no plans for monetization. Please enjoy them, and send any feedback or suggestions to improve them to Thanks!

Echotations - Released August 2021

Sound Imitation Party Game for iOS and Android

We completed another project with the family this summer. This summer it was to create a Sound Imitation Party Game for iOS and Android Echotations is a party game where players compete with each other to see who can come the closest to imitate sounds. A game for the whole family. A completely free game for 1 to 9 players that can be played offline. The game is also ad free.

We also have a version for Android that we are currently testing that will hopefully support all Android devices, which you can find and download here.

For feedback or support please contact us at

DreamDasher - Released Sept 2020

The Dreamworld has been infected!  It is up to you to explore the Dreamworld as the DreamDasher,  discover its secrets, and defeat the Nightmare.

DreamDasher is available for Free on Steam for Windows and MacOS. Click Here.

DreamDasher is available for Free on Google Play Store for Andriod. Click Here.

Watch the DreamDasher trailer on YouTube here

Full Walkthrough of DreamDasher with Commentary, with Timestamps for all Chapters, Boss Battles and Crystal Locations.

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For feedback or support please contact us at

We love modern platforms and really wanted to create a short story platformer building on some ideas we had as well as what we liked from our favorite platformers over the past handful of years (Celeste, Rayman Legends, Shovel Knight and more). We know that the game isn't as good as these games that we idolize, but we hope to have created a challenging short story platformer that some folks will enjoy. In addition, we wanted to provide this absolutely free. No adds, no in-app purchases, no cost to download or play, just completely free. We set down this journey while in high school to purely have a learning experience of programming and building a game, publishing it, and improving it based on player feedback. We wanted to see how good of a short story platformer we could create from this overall learning experience.

We've been asked a few times about how we came up with the ideas in the game and how we were inspired by the prior platformer games, with several folks asking how Celeste inspired DreamDasher. Here is how DreamDasher came into existence. From the start, we wanted to build a short story modern platformer. We came up with the idea for the game after reading an old Dr. Strange comic which had Nightmare in it who is the ruler of the Dream Dimension. We then evolved the game into the idea of having a DreamDasher battle Nightmare over the course of the game floating through the air with inverted gravity (it is the dream world after all) with a few chase scenes parkouring across interesting levels and boss battles to tie together a simple short story platformer experience. We also didn't want to have the characters depict actual people or common animals, but instead abstract creatures with a body and some form of arms/legs to represent the two main characters in our dream world. We chose the colors orange and purple because we felt the two colors went well together like they do during Halloween (orange pumpkins contrasted with scary purple creatures), and we felt orange worked well for DreamDasher and purple worked well as a Nightmare color in a dream world. We also knew that we wanted to have a floaty feel to the game and have the DreamDasher jump or fly long distances and invert gravity as part of the Dream experience. We came up with all of this before even playing Celeste. Once we played Celeste, wow, what a beautiful game. It inspired us and shaped our game in the art style and the jump dash mechanic we used. We loved the art style of Celeste and that inspired the scenic backgrounds we created. We also liked the jump then dash mechanic of Celeste, but with a bit more floaty feel and that became a key mechanic for DreamDasher along with the ability to control gravity (which Celeste does not have). In addition to Celeste, there are other games that influenced DreamDasher. In fact, the platformer that motivated us to set down this path of building a modern platformer was Rayman Legends. We loved the chase scene experience combined with the music and the use of lasers in Rayman Legends and that influenced the feeling we wanted to achieve during the chase scenes in DreamDasher and our use of lasers. Another game that influenced DreamDasher is we liked the knockback experienced in Shovel Knight, and you will experience some of that in DreamDasher while battling Nightmare. We combined all of this with our ideas to create what we hope is a fun short platformer story that you can complete in an hour or so. We hope some of you enjoy DreamDasher, and you can download and play it for absolutely free (no ads, and no in-app purchases), just a 100% free game from day 1.

If you find any issues or have any comments please send them to

Thank you for your feedback!

The below is sample DreamDasher game-play